Don’t worry, we weren’t bought out and nothing about your services is going to change. We’re just tired of typing out “Interactive Search Marketing” all the time…

In all seriousness, we were just ready for a change. We’ve evolved as a company since 2007, when Greg founded Interactive Search Marketing, and wanted a new brand and name to reflect our business and plans for the company today.

Where did we come up with Grater Digital?

Easy! Greg + Tatelyn = Grater.

We’ve been working side by side since 2010 to bring data-driven results to our clients, and want to continue to grow the business with a name that isn’t 30 characters long. It just seemed to fit.

You will still be hearing from both of us, all business as usual, just with some new email addresses and a brand new website!

How Can You Reach Us?

Greg Hosmer: [email protected]

Tatelyn Eldredge: [email protected]

or call our office line @ 404-482-2577