Your business deserves a digital strategy that is effective, flexible, and results focused. At Grater we don’t do pre-configured packages or plans. We don’t do long term contracts either. Why? Because fresh is always better than canned. Because generic is boring. Because you deserve more.

Digital Marketing

We tailor our digital marketing strategies to meet the needs and goals of our clients in an evolving digital world. Our approach is more holistic (gross buzzword – sorry) with a focus on flexibility, adaptability, and return on investment. We don’t offer pre-packaged plans because we simply don’t believe they are in our client’s best interests. Your company is unique and your digital marketing efforts should be tailored to your specific needs and evolve as those needs change. Our comprehensive onboarding process and quarterly strategy reviews provide a living digital strategy that grows with you.

More Specifically

More Specifically

Content Strategy and Development
Technical Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click Advertising
Email and Social Media Marketing
Analytics Configuration and Reporting


Website Design and Development

Your website works 24/7 to represent your company in the digital world. It creates your prospective client’s first impression of your business. Your site tells your story, and it’s our job as developers to make sure it’s accurately represented. Whether you need to greet customers, build trust, educate clients about your services, or sell products, your website’s appearance and functionality are critical. Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing site, Grater has the experience and expertise to make your online presence stand out from the rest.

More Specifically

More Specifically

Fully Responsive Web Design and Development
Full Featured Ecommerce Development
Existing Website Updates and Overhauls
Logos and Brand Bible Development
WordPress and Shopify Development


Audits and Benchmarking

Do you know how you stack up with your online competition? You should. Your digital presence is a complex web (pun intended) of moving parts in a constant state of flux. Understanding your business’s objectives in contrast to your competitors’ is critical to developing an effective digital strategy. Our benchmarking audit provides clarity and insight into strengths and weaknesses as well as highlights areas of opportunity. From keyword targets to link profiles to technical metrics, we help you understand where you’re at so you can get to where you want to be.

What Kind Of Audits Do We Do?

What Kind Of Audits Do We Do?

Onsite Technical SEO Audits
Competitor Profile Analysis
Content and Link Profile Review
Analytics and Performance Analysis



Digital marketing can be complex and results challenging to quantify. Sometimes you need some expert advice. Maybe you already have an SEO company, and you want a second opinion on their strategy. Perhaps there is a nagging issue in your analytics that you need to be clarified or resolved. With over two decades of combined experience, Grater can help navigate complex technical SEO issues, whether they exist locally or in the larger search landscape.

More Specifically

More Specifically

Complete Website Performance Audits
ROI Analysis and Benchmarking
Competitor Strength/Weakness Analysis


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